Apr 11, 2024 | DE&I/Culture Projects, Testimonials

Author: Marloes Rozing, Suelen Miranda
What our clients say about working with us
CEO Latin America (Brazil), Global Fortune 200 Manufacturing Company:

KLPA uses a hands-on approach that builds trust among different ranks of teams to develop open dialogues. It can reach the ‘guts’ of the organization’s culture, extracting what is unspoken. KLPA produced an analytical guide on where leadership should prioritize game-changing efforts to improve organizational performance through a more cohesive culture. KLPA was committed to delivering meaningful changes in organizational values, norms, and behaviors.

Engineering VP, Global Multi-Billion Dollar US-based Tech Company:

The learning program offered to my colleagues and me by KLPA was the best training I’ve ever had in 15 years at the Company, with all the whole brain thinking. 

CFO, Global Fortune 200 Manufacturing Company:

What you did was you invested time and energy to get to know people individually. You were part of the team. Then it kind of grew from there. You were more side-by-side than across the table from us, and it was obvious to me and my peers. I respected that. It meant that when you said something to me, you did it from a perspective of knowledge, and that’s not always the experience I have with outside consultants. 

You had a perspective that couldn’t be matched by a big-name consulting firm coming in. You knew us individually and as a team. 

When I started working with you and focusing more on culture as a leader, the feedback I got was just “wow!”. Now, I wish I had not done that in the later years of my career, but I would have emphasized that more when I was a younger leader, I knew the power of culture. 

Chief Diversity Officer, U.S. Fortune 100 Defense Company:

Thank you for the excellent program, educational, tailored coaching, and partnership with my team in our recent seminar series. The rich content [and] insightful guidance was very much appreciated. However, your expertise in culture, skillful coaching, and group counseling set this apart, individually and collectively.

Ken, your extensive and self-assessing approach has made you effective, well-grounded, thoughtful, and artful as an instructor. The added high point is that you consistently modeled the behaviors of cultural competence from the very first introduction phone call until we said goodbye after dinner [on the last day]. This was one of the most impressive elements you demonstrated to reinforce the learning.